In my previous article I mentioned my struggle to manage and complete my side projects. While I have gotten better at time management and organization, I still struggle to keep my momentum.

In hopes of getting better at being accountable, I’m trying to limit my goals to a one-week time frame. I set up a small list of no more than three or four goals to complete by the end of the week. These goals have to be doable within that time frame. By the end of each week, I will reflect on these goals and evaluate my progress.

To be more disciplined, I’ve started to tweet my goals with a #myWeeklyGoals hashtag. I feel like announcing my goals publicly will put more pressure on me to actually do them. By the end of the week, I plan to tweet about my progress on each goal.

Here is why I’m really interested in trying this weekly goals method:

Finally, I also want to clarify that goals can be literally anything you want and not limited to professional ones. Here is an example of some goals I might set for myself in the future:

Join me in this initiative… share your goals on twitter #myWeeklyGoals and post updates regularly. Let’s try it together! :)