I came back from Sara Dranser and Val headโ€™s animation workshop super excited to practice what I learned. Sara and Val did an amazing job laying out the fundamentals as well as practical exercises to get our hands dirty. I found find myself being addicted to playing around with SVG animations with GreenSock.

Me, Sarah, and Val in Chicago March 20th 2018

One project I worked on is making a rotating Ferris wheel. One challenge that had me scratching my head for hours was how to rotate the carts on the Ferris wheel while keeping their orientation still.

After coming up with a lame solution that somehow works, I decided to ask the community at GreenSock and was blown away by its awesomeness.

Checkout the forum thread here.

Lesson Learned: If you put in the effort and ask questions, most people would be more than happy to help you.