Connect 4 Game
An Implementation of Connect 4 Game with Reactjs and Redux.
Parser Multi Line Todos for Wunderlist
A simple api consumer for Wunderlist to parse a bulk of text data into a list of tasks.


Parker Matthews Official Site
Built a Squarespace website for Parker Matthews, an LA Based singer/songwriter.
Squarespace setup, Domain Setup, CSS customization

About Me

What I Do

I love creating great web experiences for customers. I am mostly focused on front-end technologies, specifically react and redux. I work closely with UX teams to build front-end applications. I occasionally dabble with backend in nodejs and rails. I also enjoy exploring web animations with GSAP and CSS. I have also previously done a lot of test automation in Python for hardware network devices.

Before joining Procore, I worked at ElephantDrive, a cloud backup company, as a developer support engineer. That’s where I found my passion for the work I do now focused on developing applications. I started my career interning at Southern California Edison as a Communications Engineer. Later I worked as a test engineer at Canoga Perkins. I received my Bachelor’s at Oregon State University and my Master’s from UCLA, both in electrical engineering.

Who I Am

I’m from Kuwait 🇰🇼. I came to the States for college and ended up working here. I visit home at least twice a year. I wish I had the privilege to visit more often. Here is a pic of me with my twin brother and cousin in downtown Kuwait.

Last two nights in Kuwait.

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Beside Work

Outside of work, I like making cute web animations and exploring open source projects. I also love music… but you have to know me pretty well if you ever want to catch me singing or dancing!

Work With Me

I’m always looking for freelance opportunities to work on cool projects broaden my skillset. I’m also open to non-profit and volunteer opportunities for good causes.

Beside companies and startups, I’m also open to help small businesses and individuals setting up their websites. Check out my latest gig setting up a Squarespace website for Parker Matthews.